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7 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

7 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

In this post I would like to share how to cleanse your crystals. 
I get asked quite often on how to do that, so I thought a post would be a great thing to do. There's quite a lot of ways to cleanse crystals. And luckily all of those forms are correct. There's no wrong way of doing it. I will share the ones I use the most myself.

Cleansing with running water 

To cleanse the crystal with running water is easy and quick. It's time saver! Not always we have time for rituals, meditations and programming the crystals.
To cleanse with running water you take your crystals in your hand or a bowl if you have more of them and hold them under running water for a bit. The water needs to be cold. This way the energy is cleansed. The crystal is washed and everything that was absorbed is gone. 

After that you place your crystals somewhere to let them dry. I prefer to place them always on the windowsill. That way the energy from the sun/ the moon gets to the crystal while it dries. 

I use this method for crystals that I cleanse often, daily/weekly. For example crystals that you wear: pendants, necklaces, bracelets, tumbled stones in your pocket or purse. The more you put your crystal "to work" the more cleansing it will need. 

Cleansing with water 

This is a bit longer cleansing but a pretty simple one too! I use this method on crystals that need to be cleansed "deeply", the ones I clean once a month / every few months. They "worked", absorbed a lot, so they need to wash everything off.
Take your crystals, place them in a bowl, make sure water fills the crystals up to the top so no part of the crystal is out in the air. There we go we've got a crystal bath! Heheh :) Place your bowl with crystals on the windowsill and leave them over night. Depending, on how deep the cleansing should be, some crystals I do leave for a whole weekend / two nights. So after first night, I change the water and place them to cleanse again for a second night. 

Cleansing with Sun/Moon

Simple and magical as it sounds. No need for water here. Just place your crystals on the windowsill, or outside and let the crystals soak in the sun or the moon. The Sun is considered masculine and The Moon is considered the feminine energy. And both of them are amazing cleansers and chargers for the crystals. 

Cleansing with other crystals

Some crystals cannot be cleansed with water methods. That is not a problem at all! They can be cleansed with Sun/Moon. Also crystals can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals. How amazing is that?! 
For example, selenite cannot be cleansed with water, it is very fragile. On the Mohs scale, selenite hardness is just 2. Where Quartz is 7. Therefore you should always check is your crystal good to go in the water if you're unsure.
Selenite charging plates, slabs are available, and you place your other smaller crystals to cleanse and charge.
You can also use bigger geodes, larger pieces of crystals to cleanse smaller ones. Just place them on or near the bigger one. 

Sage, smudging

Sage as in all of our homes is used to energetically cleanse and open the door for positive energy - is a great crystal cleanser too! Same as we would do in rituals we do it with our crystals to cleanse them. As the smoke goes around them our intentions and sacred nature does it's job. 

Candle light

Fire element is a powerful way to help "burn" negative energy. As it does work with other rituals and ceremonies, it does cleanse crystals. Simply place your crystals near a candle light and let the light work. 

Frequency of cleansing / Tips

The frequency of cleansing should be based on intention. That is my advice. 
How much do you let your crystal do the "work", how often do you use it? The more you use it - the more you cleanse it. That is the rule I live by.
Do not worry if your crystal breaks or chips. I remember I forgot to cleanse a pendant which was used daily in a negative environment and unsurprisingly the pendant broke. It fell down on the floor and just smashed itself into pieces. It was overloaded with negative energy. So yes, it happens. Sometimes crystals break, thats nature and energy. Simple nature laws. 
To prolong the life of your crystals cleanse them so they can be with you for a long time. :)

Another tip, please be aware of clear crystals like clear quartz if you place them in the sun that there would be no fire hazard. 
If you soak jewelry in the water, make sure you take off part of the jewelry which is with nickel or cotton cord, so it wouldn't get wet. :)

I hope this helps!
Bless all of you, 


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