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Attuning and Empowering Crystals

Attuning and Empowering Crystals


Before you use a crystal for a magical purpose, get to know its particular energy. When you're ready prepare yourself by finding a quiet space and settling down with the crystal. Take a few deep breaths, releasing the tension and focusing on the crystal in your hand with each exhale. Begin by sensing the crystal energy. It is important that you observe your personal sensing and what energy you feel from the crystal, not what you expect for it to make you feel for what is traditionally associated with the crystal. Everyone senses energy in a different way but probably you will feel the crystal to be particularly heavy or negative, in that case you will know that you need to cleanse and purify it.


To prepare a crystal for magical use once it has been purified you must program or empower it. This aligns the crystal's natural energy with your magical intention. While the crystal's natural energies will work even if you don't empower it, it will work in accordance to your desire much more efficiently if you program it with your precise need and magical goal.
To program a crystal with your intention - hold it between your palms, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Centering yourself and focusing on your goal. 
Visualise your goal as already achieved. It helps to take a minute or two to daydream about how wonderful you'll feel once the outcome is the way you want it.
Now visualise a bright light forming around your hands. This bright light is the energy working from within you to empower the crystal. This is the energy programmed with your magical goal. 
Now say in your mind or loudly what your goal is. Once the energy has traveled to the crystal it is now programmed with your magical intention and empowered for that use.

Here are some of the crystals and what they do:

Moss Agate
Used for healing, for calm, and for stress relief. Like most green crystals it is assosiated with nature.

Associated with psychic power, truth, balance, protection and healing.

This crystal works with prosperity, health and luck.

Health, especially of the blood, and protection.

Associated with success, manifestation.

Aids digestion, works to calm nightmares, focuses the mind, enhances creativity.

Grounding excess or unbalanced energy, deflects negativity, heals.

Wisdom, prosperity, fertility, health, protection.

Grounding and stabilising energy, protection and courage.

Lapis Lazuli
Leadership, communication, stress relief, creativity, joy, harmony.

Protection, children, love and peace.

Amplifies energy, stores power, enhances psychic ability, absorbs negativity.
Excellent all-purpose crystal.

Rose Quartz
Amplifies and stores energy, encourages love, self-love, emotional healing, boosts self-esteem, supportive energy, transforms negative energy into positive.

Smokey Quartz
Grounding, strengthens intuition, helps manifest thought into action, goals into reality.

Protection, absorbs negative energy.

Balancing emotions and enhancing wisdom.

Tiger's Eye
Strength, courage, luck and prosperity.

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