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Energising & Programming crystals

Energising & Programming crystals

How to energise your crystals 🌿 

It is believed that crystals naturally energise themselves from our body's energy field and physical contact does give your crystals a boost. You can pick them up, hold them between your hands as often as you want.

Crystals also love to be out in the elements, sunshine or rain, or even earth. They resonate with nature in this way and it is the best way to re-energise them.


Moonlight 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘

Lunar energy is very gentle and nurturing. The light of the moon is very good for cleansing and energising your crystals. Selenite in particular is linked to the moon, named after the moon goddess Selene - it loves a good moon soaking to re-energise. Anything clear or white will really resonate with the moon's energy.

If you do not put crystals in direct moonlight don't worry, it will still work. Put them near a window where they can bask in the moon's rays.

How does that work? - You might think. Because energy knows no bounds. There's simply no limitations. In quantum physics it has no time or space restraints. 


Sunshine 🌞

The natural energy transmited by the sun can energise your crystals. Leave them out from an hour to a day. Remember, sun rays are powerful and some crystals can fade when left too long in the sun, some like clear quartz cannot be left for long in the sun. Early morning or late afternoon is best for them.


Programming a crystal 💭

Crystals can do so much, it's always good to ask them to do something for you. You can hold a crystal to your heart wishing it to work for your ''highest good''. That means you are giving a permission to send and work the energy where it needs to go. Or you may have a specific wish in mind, for example holding black obsidian or tourmaline you might say something like ''I wish that you protect me, I want all your protection. Protect me from the bad, absorb the negative, shift it to good.'' If you are working with rose quartz for self-love you might say: ''I wish that you would help me to accept myself, accept the love in all its forms. I invite love.'' There is no rules to what you have to say! Speak from your heart.

While asking a crystal to work for you and holding it in the process you might even sometimes start to feel tingling. Sometimes cold, sometimes warm or even hot. This is absolutely normal. This is as I like to call it ''energy walking''. :)


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