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Silver Jewellery FAQs

Silver Jewellery FAQs


What is 925 Silver?

If you have a ring that has 925 stamped on the inside of the shank, it is the mark of sterling silver jewellery. Specifically,  a 925 stamp means that 92.5% of the metal in that ring is sterling silver.

The remaining 7.5 percent is composed of metal alloys, which is a mixture of different metals (like copper) fused with silver to create jewelry quality durability. Fine silver jewellery is pure silver, or stamped 999. 

For sake of future confusion, sterling silver and 925 silver are the same. Pure silver is referred to as silver or 999 silver. In the jewelry world, the words "sterling silver" and "silver"are interchangeable terms for sterling silver jewellery.

Is 925 Silver Waterproof?

Technically, you can wear your 925 sterling silver jewellery in water. It doesn't damage the metal itself. But in prolonged exposure, it will oxidize or tarnish faster than it might over time.

Does 925 Silver Tarnish?

Yes, sterling silver will always tarnish. Water is the ultimate enemy to sterling silver regarding tarnishing or oxidizing.

Tarnish causes your 925 piece to darken with black marks all over the surface. It looks dull and greasy. Thankfully, there are ways to both slow tarnish and manage it if it's already happened. 

If you regularly clean your silver jewellery, you're cleaning off the oils from your fingers off of the metal. You can clean with water and a soft white cloth, but make sure to dry it as moisture will tarnish more. '

If your silver piece is already tarnished, don't worry because it can be easily restored. A silver polishing cloth will buff that tarnish right off, leaving it shiny new. 

Does all of your silver jewellery have the "925" stamp?

Yes. All our jewellery are marked with the silver quality stamp "925". There are a few exceptions, where the stamp would ruin the jewellery, but 99.9% of our silver products got the "925" stamp testifying the quality of the silver used.
Where necessary, items bear a full UK hallmark from the London Assay Office.

Does your silver jewellery contain nickel ?

No. All our silver jewellery range is nickel-free according to EU regulations.




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