Smokey Quartz Healing properties

Smokey Quartz Healing properties
Healing properties of Smokey Quartz

Chakra: Root

Smokey Quartz is a very protective crystal. It can be used to absorb any negativity around you. Worries or anxieties float away. It transmuted them into something positive that your body can recycle. 

Smokey Quartz gentle, grounding energy helps you to re-balance, detoxify and release past hurt.
It's vibrations are earthy. A good crystal to help you raise your own vibrations. 

Smokey Quartz is an excellent crystal for grounding negative energy and providing protection. It grounds the energy of the base chakra by linking it to the earth chakra beneath your feet. It purifies this chakra in the etheric body and neutralises the effect of any stress. 
It can be used anywhere where negative energy needs to be removed.
It is a great crystal to have anywhere; home or work.

A cluster shaped smokey quartz crystal has a great function for abundance. It's function is to attract wealth and abundance into your life. It is best positioned in the wealth corner of a house or business - the point at the farthest rear left of the front door.

Smokey Quartz:
→ Grounding
→ Protection
→ Balances Root Chakra
→ Promotes peaceful sleep
→ Neutralises negative energy
→ Psychic protection
→ Helps with stress, depression, fatigue
→ Promotes self-esteem, joy of living


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