Ethical Statement & Eco Packaging

♡ Ethical Statement

We build long term relationships with our customers by being honest. As a business we are driven by passion for planet, people, crystals and Nature.
By purchasing from an ethical business you are assured that this money is going back to communities and not big business.
Our partners are selected for their reliability and trustworthiness. We do not buy in bulk from large scale mines. This can cause workers being treated unfairly, disruptions to the communities, wildlife and the landscape. 
So buying from us, you can be confident it comes from a reliable source and left no trace of suffering of others or Nature.

♡ Our Packaging

We are committed to limit our footprint in Nature as much as possible. Our packaging is eco-friendly, biodegradable and/or recyclable. At the same time, we understand that crystals are fragile so we pack it very safely.
Most of the time your packaging contains only paper. Where it is unavoidable we use bubble wrap which is reused. And we invite you to do the same. We hope you reuse or rectcle our packaging. We all must love our Mother Nature.