Amethyst Skull

♡ Amethyst Skull

♡ ​Cleansing, Protection, Inspiration.
Enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Extremely protective crystal. Calms the mind and spirit. Balances mood.
This precious stone has outstanding healing and cleansing powers. It does this by opening intuition and enhancing psychic abilities of a person. Amethyst has a positive impact on a person's mind by relieving stress, stimulating new ideas, and enhancing psychic abilities. This stone helps you to deal with problems and calm yourself in facing chaos.

◦ Size approx.:
24g, 39*42mm




♡ Notes:

• Sold as 1 Piece

• Due to the nature of product, colour in real life

may be slightly different. Pictures are lightened, so every detail could be seen.