Pink Amethyst (Rare)

♡ Pink Amethyst Cluster.
Patagonia, Argentina

♡ Pink Amethyst is a rare species of Amethyst that is only found in the Patagonia area in Argentina. Pink Amethyst is new and is hardly offered yet. It is an extremely energetic stone with strong healing properties. If you look into the most common characteristics, almost all of the properties are related to the heart. The colour of the pink amethyst is caused by the strong presence of hematite. It strongly works on:
• Heart
• Sleep
• Stress / Tension
• Negative Energy

♡ Pink amethyst gemstone offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad spirits around you. No emotion doubts arise when you align with the Pink amethyst.


◦ Sizes approx.:
1. 30*23mm
2. 33*29mm
3. 43*24mm
4. 31x23mm
5. 32*26mm
6. 38*35mm
7. 47*31mm
8. 43*36mm
9. 39*35mm
10. 39*28mm
11. 39*34mm
12. 46*39mm
13. 46x33mm
14. 45*34mm
15. 40*33mm
16. 32*30mm
17. 40*33mm
18. 41*40mm
19. 35*38mm






♡ Notes:

• Sold as 1 Piece

• Due to the nature of product, colour in real life

may be slightly different. Pictures are lightened, so every detail could be seen.